South Jersey Bands Celebrate “D.I.Y.” Culture

Amongst the streets and suburbia of any U.S. city, you can find a certain breed of of young adults partaking in a “D.I.Y.” style culture. “D.I.Y.” or “Do It Yourself” refers to a lifestyle in which members provide their own set of services or talents to the community. For many it’s a rejection of capitalism, but for some it’s just an easy way to meet friends and save money.

This lifestyle is popular among the arts, and our local music scene is certainly no exception. As fees on tickets for shows at popular venues increase, the popularity of D.I.Y. basement shows seems to be spreading. The typical basement show admission fee is $5, while concerts at places like the Electric Factory or Theater of Living Arts cost roughly $30-$60.

There are many show houses located in Philadelphia, as well as the surrounding towns in N.J. On Saturday local fans gathered at a popular house in Magnolia to enjoy music from eight of South Jersey’s most popular acts.

Chill/ Hilarious
Yeah & Stuff
Old City Revival
Crash Landing
Jake Gussman/Dylan Coverdale

Here’s a peak inside the show:


**Student note to professor on analytics:

This blog post has received 10 views so far. However, the YouTube video itself has 85 views. The Snapchat updates posted during the show on my personal account received 87 views each. The video is being shared on Facebook by members of the local music community.