10 Rock Bands From Philly You Should Totally Care About

When Philadelphia does something, we do it with a distinct kind of passion. The rest of the country may look at us as a bunch of Rocky-loving, cheesesteak-eating, sports-bar-fighting, animals, but one thing is for sure- you can’t deny our music scene is great. Philadelphia knows how to do rock ‘n’ roll.

“I would say if you look at the history of Philadelphia, the musical roots are there. It’s been one that’s been a long home for rock music” says Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM station manager Derek Jones. “I think the scene will keep evolving over the years. There will never be a time in Philadelphia where the music scene is dead. There’s too many people involved and tons of great venues.”

Chances are you’ll never forget your first concert experience in Philly, whether it was at Lincoln Financial Field or in some dingy basement on 32nd St. So many great bands have gotten their start right here in the city of brotherly love and it’s time we give our the scene some credit.

Here are 10 Philly bands that you should totally care about:

[View the interactive timeline here!]

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