Bus Stop Music Cafe Serves The Perfect Place to Chill in New Jersey

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written last, but today I have a super cool video to share with you. We’re quickly approaching the end of the semester, which means we’re very close to freedom; however, this also means we’re extra sleep deprived, stressed out, and well… let’s face it.. BROKE.

I’ve been trying extra hard to find new places to hang out without spending too much money. Luckily I recently stumbled upon a new favorite place. It’s only two minutes away from my school and I can already tell I’m going to become a regular there.

The Bus Stop Music Cafe has something to offer for everyone. From a firsthand perspective, I can say it sort of gives you an old, cozy, vintage film-like experience that will leave you feeling both nostalgic and at home. Best of all it’s totally affordable and a perfect suit for us college students.

Check out the video below to learn more:

*By the way, the header image for this post is a photo I took of the music infused walls of Bus Stop

Also, here are links to both bands featured in the video: Swing That Cat & Norman Taylor and Blue Soul

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market: New Jersey Celebrates Art

Nothing screams “college budget” quite like a punk rock flea market. And nothing screams “punk rock” quite like New Jersey.

This past weekend the region’s most dedicated punk rockers fled to our state’s capital for the annual Punk Rock Flea Market. The event was made up of hundreds of extremely talented and unique vendors. From candle-making and hair styling to photography and painting, all elements of our local art scene were celebrated.

This event was RAD.

I got to do two of my favorite things: Get to know people in our local music scene and collect cool information to share with YOU! Click below to hear what some local vendors and attendees had to say about the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market and what NJ’s punk rock scene means to them.

Here are some photos of the speakers you heard above:


Sisters, Karyn and Elise Peterson of Bridgewater, NJ enjoy the last few hours of this year’s Punk Rock Flea Market.

FullSizeRender (39)

Matt Bernard, 28 and Dakota Bethke, 18 of Russo Music in Hamilton, NJ team up with Timeless Tat2 to raise money for Trenton music and art programs.


Steve, age 25, comes from Philadelphia for the second year in a row to support his tattoo artist of 12 oz. Studios in Brooklawn, NJ.

Sidenote: The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market was tons of fun, but if you missed it, don’t worry! In the audio clip, you may have heard something about “Art All Night”. This is an upcoming event that  will also take place at the Roebling Wire Works in Trenton, from June 18th to 19th. Click here to learn all about it.

Ann Delaney Knows A Thing or Two About New Jersey… And Blogging

Hello again! I hope you’ve all been enjoying these first few weeks of spring.. Despite the wintery weather (I had the pleasure of waking up to SNOW today), I’d like to remind you that summer is just around the corner! Those words make me extremely happy, and if you’re tired of bundling up and being mistaken for a ghost due to your paleness, I’m sure they make you happy too.

I truly enjoy running this blog and sharing the hidden wonders of NJ with you, but my semester will be ending soon 😦 . As a sort of premature going away gift, I thought I would introduce you to someone who can take the wheel  for the summer.

Okay, so you’ve heard of beach bums. You’ve heard of beach babies. You’ve probably even heard of The Beach Boys.. But have you ever heard of a… *drum roll please*…


Well if not, then fear no more. This week I had the pleasure of talking to New Jersey’s very own beach blogger, Ann Delaney. (Check out her site here!) She shared some really cool insight from her experience as a blogger.

Ann, age 55 is a full time real estate agent and  resident of the beautiful, south jersey shore-town, Stone Harbor. In November 2006, Ann decided it was time to update her business website. Looking to do something other than the typical reality blog, she went in a new direction, incorporating more of a “lifestyle” touch. Ann enjoys running this new type of blog, but admits it can be a challenge to add fresh content on a regular basis.

She says the best, and most rewarding aspect of blogging is definitely the feedback she receives from her readers. Since she’s not always sure how many people are reading, it’s nice to hear from people with comments and questions about a particular post.

Ann is certainly enthusiastic about the role blogging will play in the future of journalism. She likes how blogging allows for a “personal account of events” and opinions, along with some good old-fashioned news too. She points out, though, that unlike a news article, you can incorporate these things and it is perfectly acceptable.

Having been doing this whole blog thing for an entire decade, it’s safe to say Ann has gained a lot of useful knowledge. Advice she would share with someone who is new to running a beat blog would be to post regularly and always include photos. She adds that if the blog is for business, be sure not to overwhelm the readers with self promotion and boring ads. Finally, the most important advice she has is to mix it up by adding hints of humor and personality. Her readers often tell her that they feel like they know her just by reading her blog and Twitter posts, which she takes as a true compliment.