New Jersey’s Best Kept Secret: Museums

In my last post, we discussed Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute and how it surprisingly fits into our college kid budget. I genuinely had a great experience there (click here to read all about it). So naturally, I began to wonder why I haven’t been visiting places like this my whole life. I mean if a facility as distinguished as the Franklin Institute offers $5.00 specials, other museums must be affordable too, right?

Well, I did some research…

It turns out, not only is New Jersey home to a variety of affordable museums, but we’re also home to a variety of FREE museums!!! And there’s nothing I love more than freedom dude. Okay, maybe that doesn’t really apply here (patriotic and inspirational post about freedom coming soon). But no worries, because I also love free stuff!

Below is a list of the top 10 museums within our state that are totally free of charge:

1. Zimmerli Art Museum– New Brunswick

Whether you’re an art fanatic or not, Zimmerli has something interesting to offer. Here, you can learn about various artists, eras, and genres. They also hold special live educational performances.

2. African American Heritage Museum– Hammonton

The African American Heritage has a fascinating and boisterous history. You can get in touch with this history through original works of art and various exhibits. There are many upcoming events being held this Spring.

3.  Atlantic City Art Center– Atlantic City

This particular art museum is unique because it’s right by the ocean. You can appreciate artwork in a peaceful environment at the beach. Does it get any better than that?

4.  Discovery Seashell Museum– Ocean City

THIS ONE SOUNDS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! You’re never too old to admire sea shells… And according to their website, all of the museum’s operators are certified divers who have traveled the world, collecting various sea shells (talk about a dream job). 10,000 kinds of sea shells can be found here, along with other marine organisms.

5.  Keyport Fire Museum– Keyport

Experience a timeline of artifacts from the firefighting industry, dating all the way back to the 19th century.

6.  The Old Monroe Schoolhouse– Monroe

This historic beauty was built way back in the 1800’s. It’s rare that you get to see a building this old that hasn’t been touched or renovated.

7.  Southern New Jersey All Sports Museum– Bridgeton

This museum encompasses all things sports in South Jersey. From records, to photos, to awards, to equipment, you can re-live some of the greatest moments in our sport history. Plus, the fact that all of these great moments took place just around the corner makes it pretty special.

8.  Meadowlands Museum– Rutherford

This museum is actually a farmhouse that was build in the 19th century. You can’t even say that isn’t badass.

9.  New Jersey Museum of Boating– Point Pleasant

Aside from some really cool boats, you can learn about a bunch of other marine-related things here. For instance, their current exhibition is centered on lighthouses. If you’re into the shore scene, this could be really cool place to learn about your favorite vacation spot.

10.  Maywood Station Museum– Maywood

Historical railroad lovers… or people who think trains are pretty dope, this one’s for you!

So, whether you’re into art, sports, history, boats, trains, fire???, or anything in between, there’s probably a museum for you. Above, are the links to each of their websites, where you can find information regarding hours of operation, directions, contact information, etc.

Museums are a great way to cure boredom without resorting to the ordinary, unexciting, and often expensive scenes. You can have fun with your friends or even by yourself, and learn something new without spending a dime. And don’t forget, these are only ten of the countless FREE museums in New Jersey!


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