Thinking Like a College Student: Q&A with Matt McCourt

We’re hungry, tired, broke, and on the brink of a mental breakdown. Who are we? Yeah, you guessed it… We’re college kids. So please, kindly stay at a 3-foot radius from us at all times and refrain from asking any questions that pertain to our future.

Okay, that was rude. And kind of dramatic. I’m sorry.

But really, college kids are frequent passengers on the struggle bus and sometimes we just need a break. This blog is all about having fun on a college budget, so I figured why not get some insight from one of my fellow peers.

Matt McCourt is a senior Public Relations and Psychology major at Rowan University. Yesterday I sat down with him and asked about what he likes to do for fun around here. This is what he had to say:

Me: What are some things you do for fun around New Jersey?

Matt: New Jersey actually has some pretty nice parks.

Me: Yes, I actually just wrote a blog post about that… (lol awkward, click this link!!)

Matt: Oh really? Okay, well then I’ll take this in a different direction… So around New Jersey, there’s actually a lot of farms and back roads too. Something that I like to do is take my motorcycle out and just go down any one of those random roads. I’m talking roads you would usually never even think to take.

Me: Now is a motorcycle required for this or can we use cars too?

Matt: Yeah, totally! You can still do it in a car or even a regular bicycle. I just happen to explore a lot because I have a motor cycle.

Me: How about when the weather isn’t so nice? What are some things you like to do besides sitting inside?

Matt: Well, when the weather’s shi*ty you still kind of want to go out and do something, instead of just sitting around all day. A great place to go out and do a bunch of fun, affordable, stuff is Delaware. This is easy for me, because I live about 15 minutes away from the Delaware Memorial Bridge. It’s really no different than driving down to the shore or something. A lot of times I’ll see a movie over there or go out to eat. They don’t charge tax by the way! There’s also a lot of great places to shop. I personally like their outlets.

Me: Do you have a favorite spot to visit in Delaware?

Matt: I do, actually. There’s this nice little Regal cinema theater that’s kind of near Wilmington and they have this entire shopping center too with a bunch of really cool stores. Then there’s this super awesome lake that lights up at night. So you have the options to see a show at the theater, and/or shop, but then again if you’re looking to spend zero money, you can just go and enjoy the lake. I’ve done that before.

Me: That’s awesome! Everyone goes to Philly, but rarely do we realize that Delaware is around the corner too. Have you learned  anything from living on a college budget?

Matt: I’ve learned to be f*cking creative! Like, you gotta get out there. You don’t want to just go out and see a movie every week, or go out to some lame dinner. You want to find random things to do, where you can just get together with friends and have a good time. Go out and throw a frisbee in some random field you’ve never seen before! Or just sit around in some nice little fancy area. New Jersey has so many little towns that you probably don’t even know about!

So there you have it. It’s not totally impossible to adventure on a budget. Sometimes you’ve just got to think outside of the box. Luckily NJ is a small state, surrounded by a bunch of other states. Why not gather some friends, and go on a mini road trip for the day? Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, New York… Take your pick! They’re all beautiful places that are under 4 hours away.


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